Our Savoir Faire

Charles Huvet made his reputation by surrounding himself with talented and renowned experts. Mr. Merlet, cellar master and especially Mr. Bobrie from 1846 brought distinction and international acclaim to the house. Their expertise in Cognac was the force behind the complex and subtle taste which the Charles Huvet Cognacs are still renowned for today.

Patience is key to a great Cognac because one must wait for the best possible point of development during the process of ageing. It takes years, even decades in contact with the barrels, to obtain the elements that will give this mahogany colour. Over time, our cognacs develop woody notes, which contribute to its rich aroma and flavour. During the traditional evaporation process (the Angel’s share), our brandy transforms itself into the quintessence of an exceptional cognac.

It is then that the talent and expertise of our Cellar Master comes into play as he skilfully assembles different barrels in strict observance of the Charles Huvet tradition and produces unique cognacs, appreciated by both amateurs and experts.