Food Pairings

Our Cognac VSOP is both spicy and creamy and marries well with foie gras or roasted figs with honey.

Our Cognac XO, with its fine and elegant flavour will provide gastronomic delight when served with fried Saint Jacques in Sicilian olive oil along with summer truffles and saffron from north atlas. The Sicilian oil has an artichoke nose and will absorb iodine from St. Jacques. Here we witness a beautiful marriage between the sea and the land, with the cognac brining smoothness of fruit and spices to the dish.

We also recommend a cream of porcini mushrooms in olive oil from Piedmont with the white Alba truffles and decorated with Penja Pepper. The pepper brings freshness and mushroom will complement woody notes of cognac. This autumnal dish invites us for a woodland walk where we savour  the splendid aromas of the forest.  Freshness of Pepper, far assaulting the flavours our cognac, strengthening its spices.